Daily back pain Chinese medicine tells you how to treat the best

Daily back pain Chinese medicine tells you how to treat the best

Guide: The pain in daily life Chinese medicine tells you how to treat the best, because of the feeling of shoulder and back pain caused by external evils.

Or the lungs are damaged by heat; or the lungs are hot, and the cold is caused by the external muscles.

Symptoms of back pain, shoulder pain, fever is not aversion to cold, anti-malignant heat, irritability, rest, red, thirst and lip.

  In addition, due to long-term walking, sitting posture is not right, but also the back pain often discards many people.

Here are a few ways to treat back pain at home, and I hope to help you with your perfusion.

  First, pillow therapy back pain will increase at night.

If you put it on a pillow while sleeping, you can lose weight and relieve pain.

  Second, food therapy pepper is a natural analgesic.

Eat more pepper to relieve or eliminate back pain.

Garlic is known as “natural antibiotics.”

You can smash the garlic cloves on the back, lie down and sleep, and cover the blanket.

After getting up, the back pain will disappear.

  Third, adjust the car seat to adjust the height of the car seat to reduce the waist pressure.

When sitting down, the height of the knees over the buttocks will increase the waist pressure, which will cause chronic low back pain.

Therefore, people who drive continuously should keep their seats flat.

  Fourth, exercise therapy aerobic exercise and strength training help prevent back pain.

Such as running, swimming, aerobics, etc.

For those who have back pain caused by improper exercise, they can be relieved by stretching exercises such as yoga.

  Fifth, music therapy In many cases, back pain is caused by excessive pressure.

Choose some relaxing music that calms your mood, release your mood and eliminate symptoms.

  Sixth, meditation and deep breathing therapy Meditation and deep breathing is an effective method of decompression. In the morning or evening, choose a quieter place, use the disc type, close your eyes, concentrate your strength, and enter a deeper state of consciousness.: The effect is as good as back pain therapy.