[Difference between dogwood and dogwood]

[Difference between dogwood and dogwood]

Speaking of dogwood, I believe that most people in real life will not be unfamiliar.

Simple we know that dogwood can be divided into dogwood and dogwood.

To the layman, Julie is “indistinctly clear”. It should be said that there are really no obstacles to the plant, but its medicinal value and origin are very different.

For modern people, there are too many vitamin effects.

Dogwood and dogwood are common Chinese herbal medicines in our lives. Of course, dogwood and dogwood are very similar, so many friends are not very familiar with the difference between dogwood and dogwood. In fact, dogwood and dogwoodThere are many differences between the two, so what’s the difference between dogwood and dogwood?

Let ‘s take a look together.

The dogwood is mainly produced in Henan Province, Funiu Mountain area, and also in northern parts of Shaanxi and Shanxi.

The main place of dogwood is Jiangnan. Due to the influence of geographical conditions and environmental climate, the characteristics of the two plants look very consistent, but the nutritional components are opposite. Dogwood is very good for the health of our kidneys, but dogwood is notWith this effect.

Dogwood products belong to the northern atmospheric growth surface, and have the effect of nourishing liver and kidney and astringent essence. It has a good relief effect on many symptoms such as dizziness, tinnitus, waist and knee pain, impotence and nocturnal emission.Prostration and internal heat and thirst also have a good effect.

Evodia is the origin of the south. Regulating Qi and relieving pain can help us to do a very good job in treating abdominal pain and diarrhea and so on. So if we have symptoms of abdominal pain and diarrhea in our lives, then we can take Evodia to treat it.

Dogwood and dogwood are not much different from each other in plants, but because of different origins, the efficacy and actual medicinal value are very different. Therefore, there must also be practical medicine and general dietary applications.The choices are also compared, so as to ensure that its actual functions achieve better results.

In addition, when we want to take dogwood and dogwood in our lives, we must come according to our own needs, otherwise it will cause some slight trouble to our human health.

Through our introduction above, I believe that everyone has a general understanding of the difference between dogwood and dogwood, we can know that there are many differences between the two, even the size is very different, and the efficacy andThere are many differences in function, so we must imitate the difference between dogwood and dogwood.