Rapid aging dietary factors

Rapid aging dietary factors

We can often see such a phenomenon in life. People of the same age and the same working environment can look ten or more years apart.

Some people have the phenomenon of premature aging.

This premature aging phenomenon is caused by a variety of reasons, and it is an important reason to eat some substances that are prone to premature aging.


In the lead-containing foods, the levels of potassium-adrenalin, dopamine and serotonin in the brain are significantly reduced, resulting in neurological exchange block, causing memory loss, dementia, mental retardation and other symptoms.

Excessive lead exposure in the human body will directly destroy the function of DNA, the genetic material inside the nerve cells, which is easy to cause dementia, and it will make the face gray and premature aging.


When pickled foods are marinated in fish, meat, vegetables and other foods, it is easy to convert the added salt into nitrite. It is easy to react with various substances in the body to form imine carcinogens under the catalytic action of enzymes in the body. People eat more and are prone to cancer, and lead to premature aging.


Mildew foods, oils, peanuts, beans, meat, fish, etc., when mildewed, will produce a large number of bacteria and aflatoxin.

These moldy objects, once eaten by humans, can cause diarrhea, vomiting, dizziness, vertigo, irritability, enteritis, hearing loss and general weakness, and can cause cancer to cause distortion and lead to premature aging.


Scale tea sets or water tools will produce scale after a long time. If it is not cleaned up in time, it will often cause aging due to the impact of digestion, nerves, urinary, hematopoietic, circulatory and other systems. This is because scale contains a lot of harmful metal elements.Caused by cadmium, mercury, arsenic, aluminum, etc.

Scientists have conducted chemical analysis of scales in thermostats that have been used for 98 days and found harmful metal impurity: cadmium is zero.

034 mg, mercury is 0.

44 mg, arsenic is 0.

21 mg, aluminum is 0.

012 mg.

These harmful metal elements are extremely harmful to the human body.


Peroxylipid peroxylipids are peroxides of unsaturated fatty acids.

For example, fried fish, shrimp, meat and other edible oils will produce peroxygen free radicals after long-term storage; dried fish, bacon, etc., which are exposed to the sun for a long time; long-term storage of biscuits, cakes, oily tea, oil, etc.In particular, fats and oils that are prone to halo are produced, and peroxidic lipids are produced after rancidity of the oil.

The researchers found that after peroxidation into the human body, the acid system and vitamins in the recombinant body are greatly destructive and accelerate the aging.


The comparative analysis of high-temperature soot foreign research institutions pointed out that Chinese people like to cook with high-temperature cooking oil, and the cooktop temperature is about 50% higher than that of western households.

Generally, edible oils emit smog containing butadiene components under the catalysis of high temperature, and long-term absorption of such substances alternately changes the human’s genetic immune function, and is prone to fatality.

Studies have shown that rapeseed oil is more carcinogenic than peanut oil because rapeseed oil at high temperatures is 22 times higher than butadiene released from peanut oil.

In order to avoid this kind of harm, it is better not to exceed the boiling point of the oil because of the heating of the edible oil. It is better to use hot oil to avoid causing the smoke and fire to damage health and avoid wrinkles.


Smoke is a harmful gas in the fire, soot, cigarettes, and dust. When it is inhaled into the lungs through the respiratory tract, it will cause great harm to people.

In particular, smokers provide conditions for plasma deposition of smoked lungs, nicotine, tar and carbon monoxide, which can cause arteriosclerosis and promote aging.


Alcoholic beverages in large or regular drinking, leading to alcoholic poisoning in the liver, resulting in inflammation and swelling, resulting in male sperm deformity, decreased sexual function, impotence, etc.; women have irregular menstruation, stop ovulation, loss of libido and even cold premature aging.