How to men’s health massage male massage techniques recommended

How to men’s health massage male massage techniques recommended

Before the lower abdomen rubbed, put one hand on the lower abdomen of the pubis below the navel, and the other hand was slowly rubbed from the left to the right in the lower abdomen to consciously warm the abdomen.

Before the groin massage, place your hands on the upper and lower leg grooves (the roots of the thighs), gently massage the palms 36 times in the oblique direction, massage several times a week, which has a certain effect on enhancing sexual desire and improving power consumption.

Capricorn pill will heat your hands. First hold the two testicles with your right hand. Place the thumb on the right testicle, the index finger and the middle finger on the ribbed surface, then gently shake and turn right 30.
50 times, with a slight soreness and painlessness, then gently press the left hand as above.

It can also be operated by the method of rubbing, that is, first tightening the scrotum by hand, fixing the outer kidney, inserting the palm of the other hand into the testicle, and then gently rubbing it to the micro-heat of the anesthesia pellet.

This method is also known as the “foreign kidney” method, which is highly respected by traditional Chinese medicine health care professionals.

When rubbing the ears in the morning, use your fingertips or ribbed faces to gently rub the ears on the ears, such as the lug body, or press the squeezing button to give a partial heat and pain.

This method has the effect of reconciling yin and yang, ventilating blood, strengthening kidney and solidifying essence, and is advocated by the health care workers of the past.

Climbing the solid kidney to take the supine position, the two hands are pulled up from the top to the hip joint, and the front arm is up to the head, the two hands are crossed, the palms are up, the feet are straight, the hands are aligned from the upper line, and the hands are extended forward.The upper body bends forward, and both hands move to the heart of the Yongquan point. The feet are forced to straighten, and the hands and feet are opposite in force. The hands are released to restore the body to the supine shape.

This is repeated 10 times, or the number of times is determined according to the ability.

This method has a strong waist and knee, and the effect of tonifying the kidney and solidifying.

Rubbing the kidneys with both hands and palms placed on the same side of the waist, rubbing from top to bottom with both hands, about 2 minutes, with deep micro-heat, or both hands clenched, face alternately hit the waist, moderate strength, each side hitAbout 100 times is appropriate.

The waist is the house of the kidney, and the kidney palace is also known as the “cleaning door.”

It has the functions of strengthening the kidney and strengthening the waist and refining the meridians.