Frost-reducing food supplement health: windproof and warm, careful prevention of autumn depression, health care, health and health

Frost-reducing food supplement health: windproof and warm, careful prevention of autumn depression, health care, health and health

“Frost health care” windproof and warm, careful prevention of autumn depression ▲ “eat cold rice, single clothing is rare” after the cold dew of the frost fall, the vegetation almost faded and thankful, the temperature plummeted, some people obviously feel the cold approaching.

At this time, the spleen function of the human body is in a vigorous stage. Coupled with the cold stimulation, the normal law of long-term function is disturbed, the respiratory disease is prone to hair growth, and the spirit is inexplicably suffocated.

At this time, in addition to preventing the invasion of the autumn wind, it is necessary to pay attention to the mental adjustment.

In short, no matter how long the autumn wind is, wear warm and full, active life is more important than anything else!

·Anti-thief style, warm and warm. The weather in autumn is getting more and more dry. The temperature difference between morning and evening is big, and the heat is abnormal. It is often impossible to prevent it.

Especially the thief style (the autumn wind has the name of “thief style”, always come quietly.

) It is easy for someone to catch a cold and catch a cold.

If you don’t cover your quilt during the fall night, you may wake up the next day.

And autumn is the high incidence of pharyngitis, bronchitis and diarrhea, most of which are caused by the autumn wind.

Therefore, in the fall, we must prevent thieves from sneak attack and keep warm in time.

· Anti-autumn Yu, avoid solitude · Frost fall as the last solar term in autumn, when the grass is falling, everything destroys decay, it is easy to make people feel diminished and the will is depressed.

Medically explained: The bottom of the human brain contains a gland called the pineal gland, which secretes a melatonin, which is the behind-the-scenes murderer who causes depression and depression.

After the fall, this pineal body secretes too much melatonin, and people’s emotions will be correspondingly low and negative.

At this time, don’t be alone, often go out of the house on weekends, go to the park or other beautiful places with friends, take the fresh air in the sunny days, take a walk together, chat a few words, help soothe depressedMood (a friend is not around, but also a person looking for happiness?

“Cream-feeding supplement” nourishing Yin and moistening the lungs, clearing the main ▲ fish head soup dry autumn evil consumption of human body fluid, if invading the lungs, it is easy to appear dry throat, hoarseness, dry cough, less thirst, constipation, etc.symptom.

Therefore, the diet of the frost season should pay more attention to moisturizing the lungs and relieving the evil spirits.

It replaces some nourishing and moisturizing ingredients, such as yam, radish, pear, apple, persimmon, lily, etc.; foraging beef, mutton can also be properly supplemented, and the best method is to eat soup.

But still need to eat less spicy food, such as ginger, onions, garlic, peppers and so on.

Especially the hot pot on the fire, barbecue can not be gluttonous?
·Cream food list · burdock stew radish ingredients: burdock, white radish, carrot, rice wine, pepper, cinnamon, star anise, ginger, dried tangerine peel, bay leaf, garlic clove, salt, soy sauce, sugar 1 burdock water (about 15 minutes)After adding water again, add rice wine, put in ginger, and simmer in bay leaf for 30 minutes; 2 remove the sirloin and let the cold water cool down, cut into pieces, white radish, carrots and cut into pieces; 3 hot pot pour oil, putGarlic cloves, ginger sliced musk, successively put in cinnamon, star anise, dried tangerine peel for 2 minutes, add beef pieces and continue to stir fry; 4 pour the stewed broth into the wok, add white radish pieces, carrot pieces, smallContinue to cook for 20 minutes on the fire; 5 Add the appropriate amount of salt, stir the sugar, and simmer the juice.

Chrysanthemum porridge ingredients: Gongju, rice, glutinous rice, lotus seeds, lily, medlar, red dates 1 Take appropriate amount of Gongju soaked in hot water, after half an hour, pour out the chrysanthemum water for use; 2 take 10 more chrysanthemums, choose the torus,Put the scattered petals into the bowl for use; 3 meters, glutinous rice, lotus seeds washed, add chrysanthemum water and pour into the pot.

After soaking for 1 hour, boil over high heat until boiled, remove the floating foam, and continue to cook on low heat; 4 when boiled to 6 mature, pour the washed lily, scallions, red dates and chrysanthemum petals, continue to cook with low heat 20Minutes.

Extended reading acupuncture health care, throttle health and Hegu acupoint location: thumb pointing horizontal stripes, corresponding to the left hand tiger mouth, thumb pressing according to the relative function: in addition to dark circles, refreshing, soothing shoulder and neck muscle stiffness inside the point of the hole: the wrist of the horizontal stripesThe above functions: treatment of insomnia, relieve stress, improve chest tightness and other shoulder points: the scapular region, the midpoint of the seventh cervical spinous process and the outermost point of the shoulder peak: treatment of shoulder pain, head pain, top-heavy, eye fatigue(Some pictures originated from the network) Postscript: The autumn winds are rustling, cold and unspeakable