[Can you judge his sexual ability from his fingers and tongue?

[Can you judge his sexual ability from his fingers and tongue?

Seeing sexual abilities from your fingers has existed since ancient times.

The hand is a local microcosm of the human body, focusing on the acupuncture points that are integrated with all organs in the body.

Disease signals are reflected to different parts of the palm through nerves, blood vessels, and meridians, so you can often find abnormalities in the body through your hands.

Like palm prints.

There are two or three horizontal lines between the emotional line (the starting point is from the little finger side, going up, parabolic to the junction of the index finger and the middle finger) and the little finger.Growth is strong, small is weak; people with only one or no, more common oligozoospermia, azoospermia, etc.

Still others have soft, thin, weak palms and whiter blood, indicating insufficient blood, weak skin, and poor sexual performance.

  The study found that finger length and sexiness can be almost equal, and the ratio of male ring finger to index finger is directly proportional to the degree of asymmetry in their face.

The ring finger is too sensitive to retinal hormonal hormones, so people with long ring fingers have more male characteristics.

The degree of asymmetry in the fingers of both hands also indicates the number of sperm in each ejaculation. The more asymmetrical the hands are, the fewer the sperm count.

The little finger is long, indicating strong predictive ability and strong native ability.