Hand 贱 to dig a nail into a tumor some plasma needs to pay attention to malignant possible?

Hand “贱” to dig a nail into a tumor some plasma needs to pay attention to malignant possible?

Almost everyone will have a long squat. If it is not big and does not grow in the bladder, many people will not care too much about ulcers.

On the right arm of Mr. Liu, Mr. Liu had a long crime. He had nothing to do with him for more than 30 years. But two years ago, Mr. Liu smashed it by hand. He did not expect it to grow again after one year.It came out, and the doctor checked that the piece had deteriorated and became a melanoma.

The hand “贱” dug a nail into a tumor two years ago, Mr. Liu found that the cockroaches on his right arm were itchy. This cockroach quietly “grows” here for more than 30 years, not countingBig, Mr. Liu has never taken it seriously, but now the abuse of itching makes him always involuntarily dig, so that day after day, “hard work”, stunned, Mr. Liu is very happy.

More than a year has passed, and Mr. Liu’s original place has grown again. Mr. Liu feels very strange and went to Zhejiang Hospital.

After examination, the doctor cut the lesion and cut it down to further the pathology department.

After a detailed examination, the pathologist found that this is not an ordinary ulcer, and highly suspected of malignant transformation!

The doctor who contacted the doctor urgently contacted Mr. Liu to inquire about the relevant medical history and did immunohistochemistry. Finally, it was confirmed that Mr. Liu had malignant melanoma and had to re-expand the operation or it would be life-threatening.

“It is a pity that the sputum on Mr. Liu’s arm does not necessarily have a malignant change, but his squatting action promotes the deterioration of the ulcer.

Said the doctor.

Frozen lasers can cause kidney malignant facts. Everyone has a different number of moles, and most of the knees are benign and generally do not require treatment.

But a few crimes do have the potential to turn into malignant melanoma.

Mr. Liu digs his own, this kind of stimulating action is the chief culprit of the evil of crime.

There are also many beauty lovers who use the methods of freezing, laser, chemical corrosion and other methods to “point acupuncture”. These actions may cause recurrence and the risk of malignant transformation.

Malignant melanoma becomes malignant, and complications occur every year in European Mediterranean countries3?
5/1.1 million, while in the Nordic countries it is 12?

Increased exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light and excessive sun exposure are among the causes of increased melanoma incidence.

Initially, the incidence rate in China has also increased. For example, Li Xiangshan, played by Sun Honglei in the movie “You Are the One 2”, committed suicide by jumping into the sea because of malignant melanoma.

Which ones need to pay attention to the possibility of malignant transformation?

So what kind of jealousy needs attention to malignant transformation?

Pathologically, the complications of malignant transformation of skin ulcers can be summarized as “ABCD” rule: A: asymmetry: the common two halves are symmetrical, while the two halves of malignant melanoma are asymmetrical.

B: edge (boundary): the edges of ordinary skin are smooth, and the boundary with the surrounding skin is clear, while the edges of malignant melanoma are not neat, jagged, rough surface with scaly or flaky desquamation, sometimes with leakage orLeakage of blood, the lesion is higher than the skin.

C: Color (color): uneven.

Malignant melanoma replaces pink, white, and blue-black on a brown or tan basis.

D: Diameter: The diameter of the common diameter is generally less than 5 mm, and the diameter of the malignant melanoma is greater than 5 mm.

In addition, care should be taken in the areas of the parts that are prone to irritation, such as frictional parts, where the possibility of malignant transformation occurs.

The various methods of “pointing” mentioned above are not safe. The best way is to surgically remove and send a pathological examination.

Therefore, it is recommended that you must go to the hospital to properly handle the ulcers under the guidance of a doctor.

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