We have forgotten our ideals in that frivolous day.

We have forgotten our ideals in that frivolous day.

#一天敷五面面膜救护护#22年学生朋朋养生夜夜夜夜游戏三早点三晨不睡的下五敷面救救面 See this hot search instead of people’s feelings, 20 years old, what a beautiful ageAt this time, you are at the most beautiful stage of your life.

There is no need to consider too many things, not too many worries and worries, and the impulse and enthusiasm of being alone.

At this time, I should have moved forward to my own ideals and enrich my life, but too many people have forgotten their ideals in frivolous days.

Do you remember that the life-score high school entrance examination, before the college entrance examination, is so desperate, and after the college entrance examination, he is so comfortable.

Recalling the busy high school life, less than seven hours of sleep a day, you can use a gel pen in a few days, when every dark dawn goes to the classroom, you will think about a question: Is it now that I am overdrafting life?.

But fate said, this is nothing, the college entrance examination!

At that time, I always had a goal. I hope to get a good school, no regrets, and I will be excited when I reach a small goal. At that time, I have something I love in my heart, and I can achieve my goal.As a reward to please yourself, the satisfaction of the heart is self-evident; that is, although I am busy, I have no time to think about other issues, but it is so full, enriching the soul and enriching life.

At that time, I was happy.

Maybe it’s high school learning that makes me a little tired, but I’m indulging myself at the big university.

A lot of people said: “I am still young, I also have poetry and distance, but I don’t have a higher education, can’t write good poems; I am too tired to live in the distance; when I leave, I have time, but IThe rest is only time that can be squandered.

In fact, this passage is a portrayal of many college students. University life is so beautiful, beautiful people can easily lose themselves.

Ample spare time, constantly changing classrooms, entertainment venues around the school. People are free but not free.

High school’s exam-oriented education has made students habitually under the control of life, suddenly unattended, but people are not used to it.

But we seem to have time to let us kill this unaccustomed.

I met a freshman at the first leave. When I was a freshman, I didn’t ask about the school environment. The environment of the canteen was asked. What is the ranking of his major in the school? The success rate of the school entrance examination is about the school’s policy on insurance research.

As a school sister, I have not understood the relevant situation of Baoyan, but simply understand that the first three of the professions may be eligible for the research, and they will silently give up.

However, this new question suddenly woke me up. The original one was so unwilling to admit defeat. If you want to advance, you will try to push forward, but now you have chosen to give up without any effort.

In fact, people have been changing. I am also very interested in my own university. I feel that I must live my college life well. I can’t fall into my interest in performance, but now?

I have time and I don’t want to change.

In fact, everyone has their own ideals. The ideal of their own total ideals is far away, but they will still hang on their lips and advance toward their ideals. Instead, they will embed their ideals in their own hearts and waste them.The ideal is buried in the depths of memory; time goes by, slowly getting older, and occasionally thinking of his own dreams when he is young, may only smile, feel regret.

Some people have commented on their pursuit of the ideal young life: “After a long time, I found out that I was wrong from the beginning, maybe I should not make some decisions.

We all said that I am still young and can be impulsive, but I was wrong or wrong after the impulse.

“But I have to say: “If you don’t try it, you will not even have the qualifications for regretting it. All that remains is full of regrets.

“Young people, taking advantage of themselves young, to chase their dreams, let the life of the mask during the day playing the game gone forever.

I saw a super-sounding sentence: “Holding parents’ money and living a boring life.

I don’t know what I want, I don’t know what I want to do.

I feel like I want to be a waste person, I am deceiving them, thinking about going forward, but in the end I am walking dead and deceiving myself.

“In fact, everyone’s life is determined by themselves. Your future path also has your own choice. Do you work hard for your dreams?
If one day we are not in the crowd, it is because we have not worked hard to live a rich life.