[Can I drink Chinese medicine with durian]_Take medicine_Impact

[Can I drink Chinese medicine with durian]_Take medicine_Impact

Traditional Chinese medicine is a chronic and traditional medicine. In the classification of western medicine, the effectiveness of traditional Chinese medicine will be slower, but the main advantage of traditional Chinese medicine is that it can cure the root. Therefore, some people may prefer some traditional Chinese medicine treatment.

Durian is a fruit. After eating it, people will have a lot of things that they can’t eat. If you eat durian and eat some other appropriate foods, it is easy to have bad reactions. Can you drink Chinese medicine with durian?

Durian is rich in nutrients, but has a dry and sweet taste. You should not eat durian while eating Chinese medicine.

Taboo consumption of durian: 1, durian is best not eaten with white wine.

Alcohol and durian are hot. If you eat both, people with diabetes can cause vascular complications, severe blood vessels can burst, and strokes, so they should be taken with caution.

Normal healthy people should also avoid taking it at the same time.

There have even been cases of durian eating with white wine to death, so this point must be careful.

2. Do not eat durian with warm foods, such as beef, lamb, dog meat, and seafood.

Because these foods are all hot and hot, they can become irritated or cause other diseases or cause previous diseases.

3, patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should not eat durian, which will cause blood vessel division, severe burst blood vessels, stroke conditions, not suitable for consumption.

4. Hot gas quality, sore throat, cough, cold, yin deficiency constitution, and durian with sensitive trachea will make the disease worse, which is not beneficial to the body and is not suitable for consumption.

5. Durian should not be eaten by patients with kidney disease and hypertension, because durian contains higher potassium.

6, patients with diabetic skin diseases, laryngitis, and friends with bronchitis should not eat durian, eating will cause the disease to worsen.